Jacqui was able to help us realise that what we thought were complex issues, were instead simple communication errors – often we just needed to try and understand each others perspective.She was great at providing us with practical tools to communicate effectively and her knowledge of neuroscience helped us to further understand how people react differently to situations.

Shane & Shona, Wainuiamata

After 38 years of marriage I realised that we had stopped communicating and my darling wife’s affections were somewhere else. I asked myself, how did this happen, we have been so close, so in love, worked so hard to achieve our goals. Raised a wonderful family full of love and here I am with no-one to talk to. I didn’t want my friends or family to find out that we were on the verge of a serious spilt-up. I decided we needed help. I had one chance to get the communication going again and hopefully save our marriage. More than that, save each other. A quick Google seeking relationship counselling and a call got both of us in front of Jacqui. The sessions were brutal in that we had to face each other and start way back talking through our issues and problems. Without Jacqui’s skills we never would have made it. There were so many hard issues that needed revealing and talking through.

Many sessions later we both realised that there was so much we didn’t know about each other. But we found the love spark stilled burned, be it a small flicker. Jacqui bought us to a safe place where we could communicate with each other with truth and understanding.

Love has come back into our relationship along with true friendship and understanding. So if you are in that hard place like I was, move now – don’t hesitate or all may well be lost.

Jacqui in many respects saved us from a bitter separation and probably divorce. I recommend her counselling skills without hesitation.

Walter, Browns Bay

Taking the time to work on our relationship with Jacqui was time wellspent.. Techniques learned have helped improve our understanding of each other and the underlying reasons behind why we do what we do.As a result our relationship made a positive step change during our sessions and is still improving.

She enabled our communication in a safe, open and non-judgmental way. The hardest step is making that first appointment but my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Sean & Rachel, North Shore