“Nicole and Jacqui provided a weekend workshop that I found so valuable.  My partner and I had attended counselling and had begun to address the ‘hot/volatile’ and recurring stressful issues in our relationship.  The weekend workshop was a turning point where lights went on, crucial learning, realizations and tools for going forward in a more positive, healthy way were learnt.”


“If you are considering separating, then do a workshop like ‘Getting the Love You Want’ first.  You may be surprised at how much of the problems we think our partner causing us is because of us.

Practical tools for re-connecting and starting the journey to a better relationship.”

Mark, Wellington

“I was dragged in blind and ‘WOW’ what an impressive positive experience for my wife and I.  We now have some easy-to-use tools to work on strengthening our relationship to be sustainable forevermore to realise our yet-to-be-designed Relationship Vision.  A concentrated two day course that provides some 300% return on investment.”

Mark, Wellington

This workshop helped provide a medium in which we could safely explore our relationship and the contributing forces that continue to impact on this.  Not only did this provide more understanding of our relationship but also as an individual within the couple.  We look forward to continuing to build on the foundations that we were provided within this workshop.

Jessica, Wellington

The workshop was great because Jacqui and Nicole made sure there was a lot of variety, lots of interaction for us, different types of media e.g. videos and powerpoint, also written and physical exercises

Steve, Wellington

This has been a most rewarding experience that as a couple we can go on experiencing growth and healing in our relationship.  I appreciate understanding now why I react in anger, and have a tangible way to change to meet my husband’s needs and my own through Imago therapy.  I feel privileged to be able to pass on to our children a healthy way of communicating.

Karmenne, Tauranga

Great tools to get out of negative communication cycles, discover new depths to yourself and your partner, re-ignite empathy and vision in the relationship.

Kylie, Tauranga

Imago is a great technique – wish I’d had it 30 years ago!

Paul, Tauranga

This workshop is for all couples – not just those in high distress.  It provided useful and practical tools for enhanced communication and connection, something all couples could benefit from.

Anonymous, Wellington

Learnt very valuable tools and methods to improve and strengthen our relationship.  Non-threatening, easy and fun steps to a healthier relationship.

Craig, Tauranga

The timing of this workshop was perfect for the stage we are in.  The tools are effective and authentic.  I am going home with more understanding about how my husband and I think as individuals, and as a team.

Erin, Wellington

Great learning experience which helped my partner and I create a safe space for sharing.  Would recommend to any couple wanting to improve their communication and understanding of their dynamic.

Sarah, Wellington